Learn how to stream, record, capture movies and videos from Flixster™
Record movies with Flixster.com video recording software Oceans XStream
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Download/record movies and videos from Flixster™

Learn how to record and convert movies from Flixster.com with Oceans XStream

Downloading movies from Flixster™ is a cinch with Oceans XStream. Oceans XStream automatically recognizes any video that your browser plays on Flixster™, downloads it at the highest possible speed and then correctly names the videos afterwards.

Oceans XStream can pick up and identify the videos that are being played by analyzing the data coming from your browser. It is a simple and effortless download process.  So much so that you can start watching a video online and have it on your computer right away.

How to record, stream and capture Flixster™ movies
Close all browser windows and start Oceans XStream.
Switch to the ”Save Video” view located in the “Streaming” section.
Click “Video Recording” if it is not already activated.
Choose the profile with the desired file format from “Convert”.
*Open Flixster.com/watch-movies in your browser and select the video/movie you would like to record (Internet Explorer is recommended).
Pause the video at the point you want the recording to begin. This way you can avoid capturing the advertisments that are sometimes played before the video.
Choose to watch the movie in full screen mode. The "Full screen mode" button can be found in the video controls bar located below the video window in the browser.
**Click the rectangular “Record” button which appears in the browser on top of the video.
Resume the video.
The video will now be downloaded and converted. The progress will be displayed next to it in the “Save Video” view.
Do not move the mouse over the video window, otherwise the video controls will also be captured.
After the recording is complete, the video will show up in the Oceans XStream player on the right side of your screen.
You can now play the video with Oceans XStream or drag and drop it into another application or Windows Explorer to export it.

*Make sure that you are running the 32-Bit version of your browser. Using, for example, Internet Explorer 64-Bit will not provide any results.

**If the “Record” button fails to show up, try reloading the website. Play the video again and click the “Record” button at the exact time you want the recording to begin, without pausing the video.

Note: If you do not want to save all the videos manually, you can always use the “Save automatically” feature located in the lower left part of the screen. This way, all the videos that are being played in your browser will be recorded and saved automatically on the computer.


About Flixster™

Founded in 2006 and based in San Francisco, Flixster™ independently operates the world's most popular movie communities, used by more than 25 million people every month.

Flixster™ services include destination websites at Flixster.com and RottenTomatoes.com, as well as leading apps on Facebook, iPhone and iPad, BlackBerry and Android-powered devices. Flixster's communities provide the most comprehensive movie information online - including a database of over 250,000 movies; 2.3 billion user reviews; 500,000 critic reviews; and over 35,000 trailers and videos.

Backed by the Warner Bros. Entertainment family, Flixster™ is building the next generation of digital home entertainment applications. Flixster™

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