Record and convert football matches and goals from football video sites from the internet
How to download football videos from the internet with Oceans XStream

How to download football videos from the internet with Oceans XStream

Learn how to use the football video recorder & converter software

Record, download and convert football matches from the World Cup, European Cup, Premier League, Europe League, Primera Division and other leagues from more than 20 football internet sites and portals with Oceans XStream and Oceans XStream.

Best way how to download videos from FootyTube™ and other football video sites
Close all browser windows and start Oceans XStream.
Switch to the ”Save Video” view located in the “Streaming” section.
Click “Video Recording” if it is not already activated.
Select the profile with the desired file format from “Convert”.
Open in your browser.
Play the desired video on
*Click the rectangular “Recording” button which appears in the browser on top of the video and choose the “Download” or “Record” option from the drop down menu. (If you are only given the “Record” option, click on it at the exact time you want the recording to begin, otherwise the part of the video that was being played before will not be recorded)
The video will now be downloaded and converted. The progress will be displayed next to it in the “Save Video” view.
After the recording is complete, the video will show up in the Oceans XStream player on the right side of your screen.
You can now play the video with Oceans XStream or drag and drop it into another application or Windows Explorer to export it.

*In some cases, the drop down menu will reveal several recording options. If that situation occurs and you do not recognize your video, you can take a look at each of the video files displayed in the drop down menu by going back to Oceans XStream and clicking the “Play” button located at the top of the recording list in the “Save Video” view. Once you detect your video, you can choose to either download or record it.

Note: If you do not want to save all the videos manually, you can always use the “Save automatically” feature located in the lower left part of the screen. This way, all the videos that are being played in your browser will be recorded and saved automatically on the computer.


Further football video sources in the internet

About FootyTube™

FootyTube™ is the world's greatest online football community. Contrary to what you may think, FootyTube™ isn't just a place for watching the latest football videos. FootyTube™ is a buzzing, vibrant community, with social networking features that you won't see anywhere else; from the unique, proprietary dreamfooty fantasy football game, user profiles with Twitter™ and Facebook™ integration, to the fan traits and fan valuation leaderboards. FootyTube™ offers a place for football fans across the globe to come together and really connect and share their passion for the beautiful game, in a truly engaging environment. FootyTube™

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