Player: Playing, editing and exporting media files

All files recorded or converted by Oceans XStream appear in the Player. The Player displays information about your media files and offers useful functions to for example play, filter, sort, edit, review and delete your media files, as well as your individual playlists.

On this page

  • The Player
  • Exporting files to external devices

The Player

All recorded and converted files are then displayed in the Player. As you will first listen to your recorded media here, Player provides you with options for inspecting and editing quality.

What you can do with the Player.

Exporting files to external devices

Exporting media files can be done within the Player as well as within the Media center view. The Player offers basic export functionality. The Media center view offers more flexibility regarding the import and export of sets of files at once.

Figure 1. Exporting in the Player. Click the Export Storage in the Player to select a device or storage to copy files to.


Figure 2. Exporting and importing in the Media center views. Note the Standard storage button on the left, the Export storage button on the right, and buttons for copying files to and fro in between.


Symbols used in Media center

Table 8. Symbols used in Media center. See more symbols ...
Symbol Description Meaning
1 Stacked documents This symbol denotes media files that exist at least twice in your collection (versions or duplicates).
1 Yellow Anywhere display This symbol denotes your Anywhere connection status. Yellow means active and waiting for data transfer.
1 Green Anywhere display This symbol denotes your Anywhere connection status. Green means ongoing data transfer.