Copying a DVD

With the Copy DVD view, you can save a DVD to your computer to watch it to burn it or to export it to an external device.

Step-by-Step: Copying a DVD

  1. Switch to the Copy DVD view in the navigation pane, located on the left side of the Oceans XStream window.
  2. Optional: Select the conversion profile Optimized for burning to a DVD | For AVI capable devices (MP3/AVI) to set this as output format and click OK.
  3. Insert the DVD to be recorded into your DVD drive.
    When the DVD has been read in, the Next button becomes available.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Optional: Select language and title to be recorded.
  6. Click 1 Start copying or 1 Record.
    Note: In some cases Oceans XStream needs to re-record the DVD. Re-recording means the DVD is played back in full length and recorded from your screen's output. In this case your screen will be blocked during the recording process to avoid disturbance.
    Please wait while copying is in progress.


As soon as the copying process is finished, the output file will appear in the Player.