Media center Basics

Manage your entire media collection: Create playlists, export media files and edit tags.

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Your music collection

The Music view arranges your music in the categories Genre, Artist and Album.

To customize how your music is being displayed, click View and change the settings according to your needs.

To find a media file, enter the name of the media file in the Filter text box. Double click the matching media file to play it.

The Music Universe: Explore more music

Click 1 to access the Music Universe, which helps you to find more music you might like.

The Music Universe shows a network of similar artists. Thick relationship lines mark similar artists and the size of a picture indicates the popularity of an artist.

You can decide whether to display more similar or more popular artists.

Browse through the Music Universe or pin an artist to keep it in the center of the Music Universe.

Copy files from one device to another

The Music view offers you the easiest way to copy files from one device to another. Select the devices and then select the files you want to copy. The number of selected files will be displayed on the Copy button below. Click the Copy button to export or burn the selected files.

Figure 1. Controls for copying files from one device to another

Symbols used in Media center

Symbols used in Media center.
Symbol Description Meaning
1 Stacked documents This symbol denotes media files that exist at least twice in your collection (versions or duplicates).
1 Yellow Anywhere display This symbol denotes your Anywhere connection status. Yellow means active and waiting for data transfer.
1 Green Anywhere display This symbol denotes your Anywhere connection status. Green means ongoing data transfer.
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