Subscribe, watch and download your favorite podcasts or find new podcasts by browsing the different genres.

Podcasts are regular broadcasts on a specific topic, like news, sports, music, comedy and so on. Podcast shows are called episodes.

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Figure 1. The Podcast view

Navigating through the Podcasts view

The Podcasts view organizes podcasts into categories. This is how you navigate through the Podcasts view:

  • Navigating through the categories, you can always click to get back to the Home view. Click to go back to the previous category.
  • Mind the bread crumbs above the bread podcasts list to always see where you are at the moment. For example: .
  • You can pin a category to create a link on the Home view. Navigate to the desired tab and click . In the future, you can go to the category from the Home view with just a single click.

Finding a podcast

There a two ways to find a podcast:

  • Type a podcast name into the Search for podcasts textbox to find a certain podcast.
  • Browse the categories to find podcasts by genre.

To change the language settings for podcasts: Click > Manage language limitations. Select a primary language. Select Secondary language and choose a secondary language. Click OK.

Favoring and subscribing a podcast

If you favor a podcast, the podcast will be added to your favorites.
If you subscribe to a podcast, Oceans XStream will always download the latest episode of this podcast automatically, as soon as it is available. The podcast will also be added to your favorites.

Manage subscribed and favored podcasts

On the Home view, click Favorites to find a list of all favored and subscribed podcasts.

  • To unsubscribe from a podcast: Select a subscribed podcast and click > Unsubscribe podcasts.
  • To show all episodes of a podcast: Select a podcast and click 0 / 11 Episodes > below.