Avoiding skips and stuttering in video recordings

Quality issues in video recordings, like a stuttering video track, or skips in audio and video track, can be caused by high computer workload or insufficient computer resources, by excessive video image sizes, or by a wrong video encoder being used.

If some of your videos happen to be jerky you can try out some things to avoid stuttering and gaps in future:

Mind the following points to avoid quality issues in video recordings:

  • Set the output format to Universal (MP3/MP4).
    This profile converts videos quickly and with a minimum of computer resources, using the MPEG4 H264 Superfast encoder.
  • Do not use other programs during the recording to avoid processor workload.
    Consider to stop programs running in the background, such as messengers.
  • Decrease the size of the video image and avoid to record in full screen.
    Choose a lower quality setting, or a smaller resolution. The smaller the window, the lower the required processor workload.
  • Try to record the video on a faster PC with more working memory.
    The working memory of your PC might be too low for a satisfying result. It might work on another PC with more working memory.