Adding a missing station

There are two possible reasons why stations are not visible in the station list: The settings for displaying stations are too strict, or the station is actually not yet in the station list. Learn step by step how to add a station manually.

Before you begin

Before adding a station, make sure the station is not yet contained in Audials Ones station list. The easiest way to search the full station list is to search a station by name.

Step-by-Step: Adding a missing station

  1. Find out the station's stream URL.
    Note: Usually, the stream URL and the website URL differ from each other.
    1. Visit the website of the radio station and open the stream with an external media player (for example Winamp).
    2. Copy the station's stream URL from the stream properties.
  2. On the radio toolbar, click 11, and then click Add station manually....
  3. Paste the station's stream URL in the upper text box.
  4. Click Add....
    If a connection can be established, a dialog is shown that allows to enter further details about the station, such as e.g. the its country of origin. Fill out and submit the dialog.


The station will be added to the list of stations. The station will be added to your favorite list, automatically.