Cutting a song

If you are not satisfied with the current song recording, you can use the cutting editor to edit the recording, the fade-in or fade-out.

Before you begin

Restriction: It is only possible to edit MP3 files. If the 1 button is being shown, your file is not an MP3 file.
Figure 1. Recording editor for individual songs. This figure depicts the most important functions in the recording editor.

Table 1. Detailed descriptions of recording editor functions
  Name Description
1 Playback marker Click any spot in the audio track to set the playback position.
1 Scissors Move cut marker to set the beginning/end of the song.
1 Fade-in/Fade-out marker Move fade marker to add a fade of the desired duration.
1 Play Click to play back the audio track, starting from the playback marker.
1 Play beginning/end Click to play a preview of the song beginning/end.

Step-by-Step: Cutting a song

  1. Click on the song in the Player that you wish to edit.
  2. Click 1 in the tag area above the Player.
    The cutting editor opens. It displays the beginning of the song.
    Note: If the 1 button is being shown, your file is not an MP3 file.
  3. Optional: Click 1 to see the complete first half of the track.
  4. Click 1 to play a preview of the song beginning.
  5. Move 1 to adjust the song beginning and move 1 to adjust the duration of the fade-in.
  6. Click 1 to test your editings.
  7. Click Track end and repeat steps 5 to 6.
  8. Click Save if you are satisfied with the result.


You can now play back the edited song in the player.