Tag Your Media Collection

Media files contain additional information about their contents in tags. Typical tags are, for example, title, album name, album artwork, etc.

The Media center can search for additional information ("tags") for songs and videos, and automatically add this information to your existing collection.

You may also edit tags for individual songs in the player, if, for example, an album name is incorrect or if you would like to change the spelling of a song.

To add additional information to your media collection, such as album artwork and lyrics

  1. Switch to any view in Media center (e.g. All media files).
  2. Select all media files that are to be edited
    Note: While the function is in operation, you may not use other Oceans XStream functions. Since editing thousands of songs would take awhile, it is recommended to tag large collections over night.
  3. Click > Tags from internet in the tool bar above the media list. Oceans XStream edits all selected files. This could take a while.

Manually edit tag information

You may also modify tag information manually for individual files, for example to change the spelling of an album.

Step-by-Step: Manually edit tag information

  1. Browse through your collection and select all the files you wish to edit from the media list below.
  2. Click 1 > Edit Tags.
  3. Edit the properties of the selected files with additional information in the area to the upper right.
  4. Click 1 > Save all changed files to save your changes.


Figure 1. Manual tag editing. You can edit as many songs as you like. All changed files and the 1 button will be displayed in orange until you save the tags.