Overview of Oceans XStream

Get an overview about the main user interface of Oceans XStream and get to know the framework of your Oceans XStream.
Figure 1. Main user interface of Oceans XStream. The interface of your installed product might differ in details, but the basic structure is the same.


Oceans XStream is organized in views. Each view offers you special features. Switch views and get to know the different functions of Oceans XStream.

Feature view

Each view provides information for and control over specific tasks.

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Player & Tags

In this area you find the playback controls as well as information about the currently selected media file, radio station, music TV channel or podcast. Here, you can edit or add tags.


All recorded files appear here. Here, you can listen to and watch your media files, create playlists, export media files or edit your songs.

Status line

The status line provides information about the current state of the ongoing recording and processing activities.

1 In process

Click to see a detailed processing list. The processing list always shows the state of all files currently being processed. Click 1 to minimize the detailed processing list.

1 Format

Click to open the Output format dialog and select wether you want your files to be converted automatically, or not.

1 Filtered

Click to open the Filter for Radio and Music wishes dialog. The filter always shows the number of files that have been filtered due current filter settings.


Click to set target folder for your recordings. All recordings will be saved to the selected storage.

Account, Options & Help

As a DVD neXt COPY Oceans XStream customer, you have full access to our RapidSolution Software AG partner’s, Audials Forum.  Because the two programs are very similar, you may find the Audials Forum an additional source of information, to enhance the DVD neXt COPY Oceans XStream support system.

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