Creating a scheduled radio recording

Creating a scheduled recording involves entering recording start time and end time for a selected station. The scheduled recording is automatically done by Oceans XStream at the given time.

Step-by-Step: Creating a scheduled radio recording

  1. Switch to the Radio view in the navigation pane, located on the left side of the Oceans XStream window.
  2. Select the station you would like to create a scheduled recording for.
  3. On the radio toolbar click 1 > Create scheduled recording for selected station....
  4. Choose a recording start date and time, and an end date and time.
    Note: When choosing date and time, mind that Oceans XStream works with your computer's date and time settings. Make sure you computer's clock is not running slow or fast.
  5. Optional: In the Comment box, type a text to be able to tell this recording apart other scheduled recordings.
  6. Click OK. Your new scheduled recording is now displayed in the list of scheduled recordings.


Oceans XStream will automatically start and finish this recording at the given date and time.

Remember: Oceans XStream needs to be running to do scheduled radio recordings.

To see all your scheduled recordings click 11 > Manage scheduled recordings. On the list of scheduled recordings you can edit your recordings or simply check their status.

What to do next

Oceans XStream saves the recording both as continuous recording, and as individual songs that can automatically be cut. You can further edit all saved files, e.g. to cut more songs from the continuous recording.